Contract Management

Whenever projects are planned and executed, contracts are required. Contract Managers and Contract Administrators are essential members of project management teams.

Contract Managers skilled and experienced in contract formation are extremely important to the success of a project, particularly in the early phases when contracting strategy is being developed and then implemented. Understanding contractual risk is a big part of contract strategy development and effective risk management and risk treatment.

The last expensive and most effective form of risk treatment is often risk avoidance, which may be achieved by changing contracting strategy or revising contract terms and conditions so that the party most able to carry the risk is assigned that risk.

Good Contract Managers have the experience and skills to see the problem and produce appropriate solutions.

Then during project execution, effective contract administrators can make a substantial difference to how well a contract is initiated, managed and, very importantly, closed.

Conversely, poor contract managers and administrators may save some salary costs but be far more expensive to the eventual project outcome.

Contract Project Services has an extensive range of associates with good skills and experience in contract management and administration.

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