Forensic Scheduling

Schedules are plans for future events, so they don’t always run to plan. However, tracing what went wrong and why is rarely an easy task. Even the most experienced schedulers will sometimes omit important interfaces that may later be integral to the basis of a claim or claim defence. The type of retrospective analysis that’s involved in establishing causation for schedule delay or acceleration is referred to as forensic scheduling. It is a skill requiring good analytical ability and attention to detail.

Forensic scheduling is a specialist skill performed best by consultants with substantial industry knowledge and planning & claims management experience.

At Contract Project Services, we have experienced planners skilled in the many alternative techniques of forensic scheduling. Whether the delay is excusable or compensable often has major cost implications. Who has caused the delay in situations of possible concurrency may also be unclear without careful analysis.

If you need help to make or defend your delay case, we can help you.

contact us to see how we may best fulfill your forensic scheduling needs. Alternately, complete the form alongside and one of our helpful representatives will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss.

We also offer a range of complementary skills including project planners, cost controllers, and risk analysis services.


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