Planning & Scheduling

All successful projects start with careful planning. A well-considered project plan developed prior to the execution phase is essential for defining the scope, viability and execution strategy of a project. During the execution phase, effective planning is integral to the monitoring, reporting and control of project performance.

A good planner is more than someone with a sound understanding of how planning software works. Effective planning requires an individual with relevant industry knowledge and an eye for detail. Planners should be excellent communicators with a thirst for knowledge and not be afraid to ask the difficult questions or to challenge the status quo. In short, effective planning is about understanding how to use planning to control and manage a project, not just generating reports of what has already happened.

At Contract Project Services we understand what it takes to make an effective planner. We pride ourselves on associating ourselves with some of the most professional and proficient planners, and offer a diverse range of skilled planning personnel across the oil & gas, mining, and engineering construction industries.

For junior personnel through to planning managers, contact us to see how we might help fulfill your contract project planning needs. Alternately, complete the form alongside and one of our helpful representatives will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss.

We also offer a range of specialist planning services including support of claims analysis through forensic scheduling. We can also complement our planning offering through provision of industry leading schedule risk analysis services to assess the relative ‘riskiness’ and drivers of uncertainty in a project plan.


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